Premier Marinas Awards Fuel Contract to WP Group

 11th Mar 2011

Premier Marinas, a leading UK marina group, has awarded a major fuel supply contract to fuels and lubricants distributor WP Marine.

Premier Marinas owns and operates eight marinas across the South Coast, at Brighton, Eastbourne, Chichester, Southsea, Gosport, Port Solent, Swanwick and Falmouth.

Premier Marinas
Premier Marinas: Port Solent near Portsmouth is one of five marinas run by Premier Marinas
to be supplied by WP Marine

Premier sells fuel at cost to its berth holders as part of its Premier Advantage savings and benefits scheme and WP Marine, a trading division of the WP Group, has been appointed to supply fuel to five marinas - Swanwick, Southsea, Gosport, Port Solent and Chichester.

Darren Borras, Group Commercial Manager at the WP Group, headquartered by Fawley Oil Refinery, near Southampton, said: “Premier Marinas has an industry reputation for excellence and we’re proud to be appointed as its primary knowledge partner for fuel and service solutions.”

Pete Bradshaw, Premier Marinas’ Managing Director, said: “Our company is committed to providing high-quality fuel products at the best possible price.

“Aside from maintaining high standards for storing fuel, Premier also pays particular attention to the source of its fuel supplies and to new developments in fuel technology.

“The new EU Fuel Directive that came into force at the beginning of the year provided us with an ideal opportunity to review our fuel strategy and to instigate some changes to the fuels we supply.

“Whilst many of our marinas were not affected by the new legislation, we found that there were new fuel technologies that boost fuel efficiencies and inhibit marine contaminants that can cause problems for our customers’ boat engines.

“We were pleased to find that WP Marine were able to help on both counts with the Advanced Marine Diesel range and the additive Soltron™.”

Besides the supply of Advanced Marine Diesel 1000 to four of Premier’s marinas, WP Marine is to supply Premier’s 1,000-berth Chichester Marina with a bespoke low sulphur fuel, called Advanced Marine Diesel 10.

The switch to low sulphur marine diesel was required under the new EU Directive as Chichester Marina was classified by the Department of Transport as “not at sea”.

Through WP Marine, Advanced Marine Diesel 10 and Advanced Marine Diesel 1000 will contain the additive, Soltron™.

Soltron™ is a decontaminant and preventative treatment for ‘diesel bug’, regarded in the leisure craft industry as an engine’s “worst nightmare”.

The bug is caused by microbial growth feeding on the inherent biological content of marine diesel, forming a slime that can block fuel filters and cause engine failure.

Soltron™ is an advanced enzyme fuel technology developed to work in marine fuel oil to neutralise bacterial growth and enhance fuel efficiency.

WP Marine supplies marine diesel (Red Diesel, Gas Oil) direct to the major ports and marinas along the South Coast.

WP Marine complies with the latest MARPOL regulations, including MARPOL Annex VI. Its virtually sulphur-free marine Red Diesel (below 10ppm) meets EU Directive 2009/30/EC, and contains less than 2% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester or Biodiesel).

WP Marine also offers Soltron™ to help protect engines from diesel bug, and its expert team offers the complete range of high-quality ExxonMobil marine lubricants developed specifically for the sector.

For further information about WP Marine and the WP Group, please contact the Sales Team on 0800 980 6172 or email .

Notes For Editors

The WP Group, headquartered near Southampton in Hampshire, is a leading independent distributor of fuels and lubricants, with a £160m annual turnover and employing 70 people.

Based at Wessex House, Cadland Road, Hardley, Hythe, WP offers a complete portfolio of products and bespoke service solutions across each of its eight trading divisions ­ Industrial, Aviation, Agricultural, Heating, Automotive, Commercial, Motorsport and Marine.

WP, located by Fawley Oil Refinery, has a 50-year heritage and is the supplier and support specialist of choice to thousands of businesses.

Wessex House
Cadland Road
SO45 3NY
Telephone: 023 8089 7841
Freefone: 0800 980 6172
Fax: 023 8089 8876

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