Soltron Sales Soar Through WP Marine

 11th Apr 2011

Main WP Group SignAn enzyme fuel treatment that reduces CO2 and improves fuel economy in commercial and leisure craft has seen sales soar in the past 12 months.

SOLTRON®, in partnership with regional fuels and lubricants distributor WP Group, will be demonstrating the proven technology at Seawork International 2011, the biggest and fastest growing business-to-business event for the commercial marine and workboat sectors in Europe, amid growing demand from customers.

Benefits of the product include reduced fuel consumption and emissions, enhanced fuel equality and optimised engine performance, as well as preventing fuel contamination and restoring and reclaiming fuel condition.

Seawork 2011, the commercial marine exhibition and forum featuring sellers, buyers and legislators, takes place in Southampton from June 14 to 16.

SOLTRON® is supplying 200 litres a month, double the previous 12 months’ requirement, as the decontaminant and preventative treatment of choice to marine fuels supplied by WP Marine, which is the dedicated marine sector specialist from the WP Group.
Simon Mayne, SOLTRON® business development manager, said: “More attention is now being paid to fuel technologies than ever before, and rightly so, amid environmental awareness and legislation.

“What our customers are getting is an organic fuel treatment that boosts fuel efficiencies and inhibits marine contaminants linked to the dreaded diesel bug by neutralising bacterial growth.

“SOLTRON® is a proven technology that also reduces exhaust gas emissions of particulate matter and smoke - these foul engines reducing their efficiency -and greenhouse gases, as well as eliminating diesel sludge and microbial contamination.

“The reaction to date from customers is hugely positive ­ they are seeing a real difference that helps with the bottom line.”

Clients include ABP in Southampton, which is running a trial scheme with pilot boats, and Southampton-based workboat operator Williams Shipping Marine, which has been utilising SOLTRON® as a fuel treatment for two years.

Last month (March 2011) WP Marine, in partnership with SOLTRON®, was awarded a contract by Premier Marinas, which owns and operates eight marinas across the South Coast.

Premier sells fuel at cost to its berth holders as part of its Premier Advantage savings and benefits scheme and WP Marine was appointed to supply fuel to five marinas - Swanwick, Southsea, Gosport, Port Solent and Chichester.

SOLTRON® is also being supplied in fuels supplied by WP Marine, also part of the WP Group, in another new contract - for vehicle and plant machinery at more than 140 sites for Thames Water and Thames Water Services.

Darren Borras, Group Commercial Manager at the WP Group, headquartered by Fawley Oil Refinery, near Southampton, said: “We’ve teamed up with SOLTRON®, through Simon, because the product is benefiting our customers at every level.

“Both WP and SOLTRON® are now primary knowledge partners for fuel and service solutions, from supplying fuels and SOLTRON® to fuel testing, advising on emissions and monitoring results.”

Simon, who is based at SOLTRON® headquarters on the Isle of Wight, added: “Seawork International will provide a superb backdrop as both WP and SOLTRON® showcase the tangible benefits of fuel technology management and enhancement. These are exciting times for all of us.”

SOLTRON® scored five out of five stars in a recent independent test of 12 diesel bug treatments by Motor Boat & Yachting in what the magazine described as the ‘most comprehensive test of diesel bug treatments ever undertaken by a British magazine’.”

This is what the magazine wrote in regard to SOLTRON®: “The first thing to note about this enzyme treatment is its impressive performance in the filtration test, coming out top of all the products by passing through the 10-micron filter 49% faster than the control sample.

“So if your goal is to break up the contamination so it can pass through your filters to be burned off in combustion, SOLTRON® seems to be on the money.

“Gummy deposits were at a minimum, and like most of the other non-biocides, SOLTRON® claims to clean your engine as well, resulting in more miles to the gallon.”

WP Marine supplies marine diesel (Red Diesel, Gas Oil) direct to the major ports and marinas along the South Coast.

WP Marine complies with the latest MARPOL regulations, including MARPOL Annex VI. Its virtually sulphur-free marine Red Diesel (below 10ppm) meets EU Directive 2009/30/EC and contains less than 2% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester or biodiesel).

For further information about WP Marine and the WP Group, please contact the Sales Team on 0800 980 6172 or email .

Notes For Editors

The WP Group, headquartered near Southampton in Hampshire, is a leading independent distributor of fuels and lubricants, with a £160m annual turnover and employing 70 people.

Based at Wessex House, Cadland Road, Hardley, Hythe, WP offers a complete portfolio of products and bespoke service solutions across each of its eight trading divisions ­ Industrial, Aviation, Agricultural, Heating, Automotive, Commercial, Motorsport and Marine.

WP, located by Fawley Oil Refinery, has a 50-year heritage and is the supplier and support specialist of choice to thousands of businesses.

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