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Reduce operating costs and improve your bottom line

Mobil Marine Lubricants from WP Marine can help you reduce your lubrication consumption and improve equipment and engine life, creating potential for significant financial savings.

Extend your oil life

ExxonMobil marine oils are specially formulated to offer greater stability and durability, so they can operate for longer, allowing you to extend oil drain intervals and reduce your total lubricant consumption and costs.

Mobil SHC synthetic oils offer the most dramatic cost-saving results, with oil drain extensions typically between 5-10 times the mineral oil equivalent.

By switching to Mobil Delvac 1640, the Norwegian fishing vessel M/V Krossfjord was able to cut its oil consumption by more than 50%, which translated to over $10,000 in annual savings.

Reduce your feed rates and consumption

Engine manufacturers give guidelines on minimum recommended feed rates. Following these may lead shipowners to use an excessive amount of oil in two stroke engines. Our field tests have shown that feed rates can be lowered at no detriment to safety, reliability or performance, allowing vessels to reduce total oil consumption and minimise waste.


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Signum Oil Analysis extends drain intervals by 50% ThumbnailSignum Oil Analysis extends drain intervals by 50%

A MTU marine engine in Dubai has been the subject of Signum Oil Analysis. Once oil analysis was completed, Mobilgard 1 SHC was introduced. The results came back positive - oil drain intervals were extended by 50%, no oil related failures were reported for over 8000 hours, no oil related operational issues were recorded and significant savings were achieved in terms of labour costs. Click the thumbnail to the left to read the full proof of performance and find out why Mobilgard 1 SHC could save you considerable savings.



Using Mobilgard 412 engine oil, Great Offshore successfully reduced oil consumption from 0.9gms/kwh to 0.7gms/kwh, with total lubrication savings close to $32,000 annually.

Improve your equipment life

Our lubricants are designed to provide optimal cleanliness and protect against metal-to-metal contact, scuffing, pitting and rolling contact fatigue. The flagship MobilGard series of lubricants are specially formulated to keep crankcase and engine components clean and minimise deposits in the under-piston crown. By enabling engines to run cleaner for longer, vessels can reduce their overall maintenance costs and improve their bottom line. In a field study aboard a Danaos Shipping containership, protection from Mobilgard 570 enabled engineers to extend piston overhaul period by over 250%.

Maximise your cost savings

Our dedicated customer service teams and experienced engineers work together with our technical programmes to help you understand what’s going on in your engine room and optimise your lubrication to maximise cost savings. Signum Oil Analysis and Cylinder Condition Monitoring give you the tools you need to predict and respond to changes in oil condition and equipment operating parameters, allowing you to reduce feed rates, extend oil intervals and improve equipment life.

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Mobil Marine Lubricants Brochures

"Good practices can translate into big savings"

See the ExxonMobil Storing, Handling and Dispensing Marine Lubricants brochure for a comprehensive checklist to ensure you avoie the most common causes of lubricant-related malfunction in marine vessels.

See the Mobil Mineral and Synthetic Lubricants Summary to see at a glance the properties and applications of the Marine lubricants you require.

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