Mobil Marine Lubricants

WP Marine is an authorised distributor of Mobil Marine Lubricants.

At WP Marine, we recognise that you need to protect your vessel’s engine and shipboard equipment. That’s why we offer you a complete range of Mobil Marine Lubricants.

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For over 90 years, Mobil Marine Lubricants have been developed specifically for the marine industry to help ensure your vessels will perform reliably and operate efficiently.


Marine Lubricants Guide Sheet ThumbnailSynthetic & Mineral Marine Lubricants Guide

This downloadable PDF is here at your convenience to browse through and select the right lubricant for your needs. If you are using a lubricant that is not best suited for your needs, you could run the risk of damaging your equipment or machinery. Unscheduled down time and short drain periods are all signs that you may want to reconsider the lubricant used in your application.

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Save money with Mobil Marine Lubricants.

Whether you require oil for your two- or four-stroke diesel marine engines, or synthetic lubricants to improve the performance and economic benefits for marine equipment operating at higher temperatures and under more stress, WP Marine can help.

WP Marine can help you understand your requirements, whether for a single yacht or large fleet of ships.

Whatever your marine lubricants needs, you can trust WP Marine for a reliable, prompt service at competitive market rates.

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Mobil Marine Lubricants Brochures

"Good practices can translate into big savings". See the ExxonMobil Storing, Hanlding and Dispensing Marine Lubricants brochure for a comprehensive checklist to ensure you avoie the most common causes of lubricant-related malfunction in marine vessels.

See the Mobil Mineral and Synthetic Lubricants Summary to see at a glance the properties and applications of the Marine lubricants you require.

Contact WP Marine today. Call us on 0800 980 6172 or complete our short email form...

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