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Bunker Fuel supplier WP Marine is a specialist provider of Marine Gas Oil and other fuels for the marine sector - priced very competitively, with highly flexible local deliveries.

WP Marine is refinery-based, with direct access to Esso’s bonded warehouse to help keep your costs as low as possible. Expect keenly priced fuels delivered within 1-2 days. Duty free and duty paid options available.

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Bunker Fuel ­ Marine Gas Oil (1,000ppm) Marine Gas Oil (10ppm)

WP Marine delivers Bunker Fuel to vessels berthed at ports along the South Coast, including Southampton, Marchwood, Portsmouth, Poole, Portland and Littlehampton.

We also supply the recreational boating sector by delivering to marinas along the South coast.

Upon request, a marine-based fuel barge is also available for the fast, easy supply of larger volumes of bunker fuel (typically in excess of 100,000 litres).

Prices from Esso are based on the daily Rotterdam-traded prices of oil (Platts reference).

Talk to our specialists now and benefit from our expert knowledge on the different grades of Bunker Fuel/Marine Gas Oil available.

WP Marine supplies Marine Gas Oil that is virtually sulphur free (below 10mg of sulphur per kilogram), meeting EU Directive 2009/30/EC which came into effect on January 1st 2011.

Bunker Fuel Deliveries

Orders placed before 10.30am are normally delivered the next working day. When the delivery is made the driver will normally bring with him:

Advanced Marine Gas Oil (10ppm)

Advanced Marine Gas Oil contains an enzyme fuel treatment designed to combat diesel bug and improve fuel efficiency.

Sulphur Free Bunker Fuel - Beat Diesel Bug

The Sulphur Free Gas Oil regulations make it an offence to sell Red Diesel with more than 10ppm (previously 1,000ppm) of sulphur for use in inland waterway craft and recreational craft that do not go to sea.

Some fuel suppliers offer red-dyed road fuel for use in marine craft. Road fuel contains up to 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester or Biodiesel) which can cause problems in some, particularly older, engines and increase the risk of biological contamination (‘Diesel Bug’).

Esso Petroleum is investing in new equipment at Fawley Oil Refinery to produce FAME-free marine Gas Oil.

Until then its dyed road diesel will be used to meet the legislation but unlike other suppliers, Esso guarantees that its product will only contain a maximum of 2% FAME, to reduce contamination risk.

WP Marine is helping marine Red Diesel users by offering Advanced Marine Gas Oil, containing a widely-used enzyme designed to cut contamination, overcome Diesel Bug (irrespective of FAME content) and improve fuel consumption.

To find out more and get a fast quote on Bunker Fuel, call 0800 980 6172 or fill in our contact form...

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